Springs Farm

Since 1936, our southern fresh peach, nectarine, strawberry, blackberry, and produce farm has a reputation to select, harvest, and sell optimum flavored fresh fruit. When the season becomes just right to buy fresh tree-ripened peaches or fresh strawberries, they can be found right here at our Springs Farm Market! Along with our other local, fresh produce. For a little fun, you can even Pick-Your-Own strawberries at our farm!

These days so much of what you purchase for your family is grown overseas and shipped to your grocery store. You have no idea how long the produce has taken to get there, or how long it has been sitting on the shelf.

That's not how things work here on Springs Farm! Here at Springs Farm we are dedicated to quality and tradition, making us a rare gem in the world of agriculture. Each and every peach, strawberry, fruit, or vegetable you buy from Springs Farm is locally grown right here, in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

We have fresh peaches, fresh strawberries, fresh blackberries, and other fresh fruit and vegetables available seasonally. Here is information about approximate produce ripening dates.

Want to know when your favorite fresh peaches come into season? Check out our list of approximate ripening dates for different varieties of peaches and nectarines

You can even buy fresh peaches online when the season is right, along with other locally produced delicious and useful products.

 Springs Farm is a member of the Certified South Carolina Grown Program where we are listed as a Roadside Market

Dedicated to Providing You with the Best Produce