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Fresh Springs Farm Strawberries

Strawberries Fresh from the Fields of Fort Mill SC and Locally Grown child enjoying fresh juicy Springs Farm strawberries in the field

We have been growing strawberries for a very long time. We have learned a lot about strawberries in all those years. They taste great, you can put a smile on someone’s face with a good juicy fresh strawberry, and strawberries aren’t just good… they are good for you! In fact, fresh strawberries have vitamin C, important anti-oxidants, they help lower cholesterol and help to prevent cancer! Most people think things that are good for you don’t taste good….we know that just isn’t so!

Now that you know how good strawberries are for your body, you should also know that Springs Farm offers the opportunity to pick your own fresh strawberries with your family, school, church or friends! Quality time is just as important as any vitamin…it’s food for your soul.

Our wonderful spring season is a great time to get outside and enjoy all the wonders spring has to offer! Springs Farms, a timeless family tradition located in Fort Mill, SC, is open during the spring and summer seasons.

During the spring season, our delicious fresh strawberries are available at our main retail outlet The Peach Stand, Springs Farm or the Farm Market.

Map of Springs Farm and Peach Stand area in Fort Mill SC During Fresh Strawberry season, customized group wagon rides and tours are available.

To schedule group tours, please fill out the online reservation form, or send us an email at FarmTours@SpringsFarm.com with the requested information.

Directions to Farm Market.

       Click on map to enlarge.

Strawberry Season 2013 is over! Thank you for making it a successful season.

Seasonally we have other fresh fruit and vegetables available.
Here is information about approximate produce ripening dates.

strawberry plants in the field strawberry plants blooming in the field close up of strawberry blossom ripe strawberries in the field fresh strawberries

Remember you can purchase fresh peaches online in season, and other Peach Stand and Springs Farm Products
for yourself or for gifts for others at our Fresh Peaches & Gifts Online Page.

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